Wellness & Benefits

Employee Benefits

Flexible, tailored and responsive. Quite simply, this is what Lakeside’s benefits program is all about. Flexible because of the many options available to match your lifestyle. Tailored because it lets you choose the combination of benefits that best meet your individual or family needs. Lastly, responsive because it offers the kinds of important protection that only a comprehensive wellness program like Lakeside’s can provide.


In order to attract and retain good people, Lakeside’s pay program is competitive within the industry and in the job markets in which we have facilities. An innovative program for those in Lakeside’s standard compensation program is our unique Profit Incentive Plan. Those who participate, and it’s entirely up to you if you wish to participate, may receive a bonus each year if Lakeside makes a profit.

Wellness Program

Lakeside Foods is dedicated to providing services and opportunities to help its employees attain and maintain good health and wellness. Our “Healthy Lives and Wallets” program has been established to help individuals identify their health risks while providing the resources to reduce their risks, the programs to encourage healthy behavior changes, and the education to become wise health care consumers. The program is multifaceted and includes:

  • Annual Health Screenings, available to all employees, as well as spouses on the health plan, free of charge. Participants receive a discount on health insurance premiums.
  • Coordinated Health Care Program to provide members of the health plan information, guidance, and assistance in navigating through the complicated health care system.
  • Fit for Life Program, to provide reimbursement for select fitness equipment purchases, fitness club memberships, fitness class fees, or registration fees for community walks/runs. Maximum reimbursement is $200 per household, per year.
  • Healthy Baby Program, to provide the best education to mothers-to-be throughout their pregnancy and to support the delivery of healthy babies.
  • Lakeside’s Total Health & Wellness Manager, available to employees as a resource for specific health questions, or as a personal coach.
  • Routine/Preventative Care is paid in full for various (in-network) procedures to encourage participation and help prevent major medical conditions through early detection and immediate care.
  • Smoking Cessation Program, available to all employees, as well as spouses on the health plan. Provides 100% reimbursement for specific smoking cessation programs and aids up to $500/year and $1500/lifetime, per person.
  • Weight Loss Control Program, available to all employees, as well as spouses on the health plan. Provides 100% reimbursement for specific weight loss programs and aids up to $500/year and $1500/lifetime, per person.
  • Wellness Challenges are issued throughout the year to challenge our employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Wellness Rewards to help our employees develop an awareness of various health-related topics, they are encouraged to read the wellness bulletin board topic of the month, and take a 10-question quiz. For every correct answer, the employee is awarded $1.00. Maximum payout is $100 per year.