Lakeside Foods is recognized as the premier U.S. Private Brand supplier of high-quality frozen vegetables and canned vegetables to the retail, foodservice and industrial sectors. We deliver innovative meal solutions from farm to fork.

Our beginning

In 1887, Albert Landreth recognized that Wisconsin soil could produce superior quality peas. He began operating out of a small hotel on the shores of Lake Michigan, which created the humble founding of Lakeside Foods.

Ultimately the one-kitchen operation grew into Wisconsin’s first canning plant, and several more facilities followed. A partnership with the University of Wisconsin’s College of Agriculture led to advancements in quality control, establishing Lakeside’s reputation as a leader in innovation.

With increasingly refined production, Lakeside invested in higher quality products. Close partnerships with their farmers allowed for improvements in planting schedules and provided an incentive for high-quality crop production. Lakeside expanded their original focus on peas to include green beans, tomatoes, corn, and even sauerkraut.

Where we are today

As a result of hard work, 14 countries enjoy the quality and reliability of Lakeside’s years of experience. We’ve grown from one small pea-canning facility to a ten-plant operation, producing everything from canned and frozen vegetables to frozen meal solutions. Over 131 years later, our commitment to quality, our customers and our family of generational farmers remains as strong as ever and will guide us into the future.